Size and power arent the be all and end all of efficiency for today's forward thinking farmer.  Intelligence is a key factor in achieving greater productivity, working with all the data at our fingertips and interpreting that information for maximum benefit.  

CLAAS as a variety of options to improve machine Intelligence:


TONI  is a function which records the work data from attached implements in addition to the tractor data.  TONI is currently available for CLAAS QUADRANT 5300, 5200, and 3400 large square balers and CARGO dual purpose wagons, and uses the ISOBUS tractor and implement communication interface to collect and record implement data.  In QUADRANT balers for example, data is collected on the number of bales per field, bale moisture content and other specific parameters.     

AXION, ARION and XERION tractors are TONI-enabled when they leave the factory, provided thye are equipped with TELEMATICS.


The fleet view APP from CLAAS enables you to co-ordinate your grain transport team in your harvesting fleet so that your combines and forage harvesters can keep on working without downtime.

This app continuously informs all your drivers in a logistics chain about the positions of the machines in the fleet and their current grain tank fill levels.


Download the App here



Its essential to maximise potential in all areas, optimise processes and utilise resources more effectivley.  CLAAS TELEMATICS offers intelligent software solutions to support you in your work.