Service Engineers

Service Engineers are the backbone of our industry and we are always looking to recruit, whether you are recently qualified, employed as an engineer in a similar industry (automotive, aeronautic etc) or possibly looking for a change of job direction,service engineers are key players within our business and highly valued employees.

If you are a qualified service mechanic, with some extra training on CLAAS products – provided by CLAAS, you have the opportunity to become a Master Mechanic or a Master Technician, depending on your level of experience.

In fact whatever your level of qualification, there is an opportunity for you to join our dealer service teams today

Our career path is as follows:

  • Entry Level: Apprentice Technician

  • Equivalent LTA Level 2: Service Engineer

  • Equivalent to LTA Level 3: Master Mechanic

  • Equivalent to LTA Level 4: Master Technician

  • Service Manager


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We're always interested in meeting good people

If you can't find a suitable opportunity, please email us and include your CV.

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